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Compressed air components

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As official distributor for the top brands, you can apply to Desmet Engineering for advice and installation of air and screw compressors.

This, combined with our high quality compressed air detection service, completes our compressed air account. We can not only offer you our extensive stocks and decades of knowledge of FESTO compressed air components, but we also have a team of expert professional technicians.


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  - Compressed air components
  - Why buy clean compressed air?
  - The importance of compressed air care
  - Detection and reparation of compressed air


Buy compressed air to drive motors, machines and tools.  Since more than 25 years Desmet Engineering is official distributor of Festo products.  Our offer: compressed air,  advice and installation of air- and screw compressors.  This in combination with our very qualitative support in compressed air leak detection makes the compressed air offering complete.

Compressed air components
Compressed air components and buying compressed air at Desmet Engineering is a good move for your machines or machine park.  On top of our extended stock and elaborated knowledge of Festo products we have a team of specialised technicians at your disposal.  We also manage the stock in your company.  Handy right?  When you buy compressed air with us we gladly inform you about the different aspects of compressed air and focus on preventing wearing and losses.


Why buy clean compressed air

Clear compressed air guarantees longevity of your machines and other installations.  Our collaborators from the Festo Service Center are glad to help you making the right choice in different compressed air components that improve the quality of your compressors as well as the lifetime of your compressors, compressed air installation and compressed air tools.  By doing so we improve the quality and lifetime of your machines.


The importance of compressed air care

A workload which is too high causes early wearing. That's why we underline the relevance of clean compressed air and inform about the importance of compressed air care when you buy compressed air with us.  Depending on the type of compressor and the quality of the sucked in air oil parts can come in the compressed air.  A good compressed air filter eliminates oil, water and dirt parts from the compressed air. Important for sectors as food and hygiene.


Detection and reparation of compressed air leaks

At Desmet Engineering you do not only buy compressed air.  Instead you take care that your installation gets the care it deserves.  That’s why at our Festo Servicecenter we also offer  compressed air leak detection.



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