Desmet Engineering: industrial automation

Solutions for automation

Desmet Engineering exists for production companies that want to automate their production process.  For them we design and build customised machines, we supply turning and milling work and we offer industrial parts.

We offer qualitative solutions for the daily needs of your industrial company, we help you to develop, produce and to make your production lines work quickly and efficiently at all times. With professional, technical support, and with respect for your safety. That is our mission!

Our team consists of driven, flexible and dynamic employees. Full of innovative ideas with the goal of offering you an extensive package of services.

Our package of services consists of:


- Machine building

- Turning and milling work, both CNC and conventional

- Industrial parts:  FESTO, BATA, bearings, chains, other drive gear and accessories


You can also contact us for:


- Metal structures

- Compressed air detection
- Technical support

       -  Maintenance & repairs of components and

       -  Stock management by scanning


Our customers are active in following markets:


- Textile

- Plastic

- Wood
- Tobacco

- Food

- ...