Compressed air detection

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Compressed air detection

Detecting and repairing leaks


Not only do our experts detect your leaks, we also support you in actually repairing them! After a thorough compressed air detection (which includes full reporting with a calculation of your financial loss), we will make a proposal for the necessary replacement parts.


This is an extra benefit considering Desmet Engineering has been a distributor of FESTO compressed air components for decades. We will give you the choice: either you guarantee the repair or our qualified mechanics will ensure that the extremely expensive compressed air leaks become history.


Compressed air leak = financial loss


Compressed air leaks are an often existing sleeping cost which can cost you annually a lot of money.  A compressed air leak does not cause immediate problems in your production and are therefor not tackled.  These leaks can anyway affect your margin considerably.  Investing in compressed air leak detection annually can save you a lot of money:



Compressed air leak detection = saving on your energy cost

How do compressed air leaks come to existance?


Most common causes for leaks:

  • defect couplings
  • badly cut off tubes
  • bad blow guns
  • bad fast couplings


Our way of working


1. How to detect compressed air leaks?


Compressed air leaks are being detected by ultrasone devices


2. What about detected leaks?


During our detection we pinpoint all the leaks and mark them by leak labels .  We take a picture from each leak to identify the leakspot easily afterwards.

3. Report with calculation of financial loss

We provide you a complete digital report with calculation of your annual financial loss for each leak and in total.

4. Repairing of leaks

You choose for yourself if you have the leaks repaired for yourself or if we do this for you.  You can count on a perfect execution of the repairs by experienced technicians.


Advantages of compressed air detection by Desmet Engineering


  • Complete report with calculation of financial loss + necessary spare parts
  • Specialist in compressed air
  • Knowlegde of compressed air integration in machine construction
  • More than 25 years official Festo distributor & Festo Service Center
  • Largest stock of Festo products in Belgium
  • Own repair center & technical support
  • Extra tips for saving of compressed air

Compressed air detections is always carried out by people of our own Festo Service center.


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