Some references in metal construction

New portals for the Schelde bridge

Producing and installing new portals for cameras.

Ant-vandalism hoods

Ant-vandalism hoods for bridge lighting: laser and folding work.


Trolleys for the production process at a customer.

Industrial shears

Shears for plaster blocks.

Fastening elements

Fastening elements for high voltage.

Spray booth

Newly constructed spray booth for customer's production unit.

Support platforms

Support platforms for new drives.

Fire reel cabinets

Fire reel cabinets made to measure.


Container made to measure.

Water tank

Watertank for cooling plastic profiles.

Drip trays

Drip trays for chemical containers.

Cart for door panels

Cart with felt finish for door panels

Replacement of lock gate pivoting point

Replacement of existing pivoting point by suspension set-up.

Modifications to lifting & hoisting materials

Making bobbin hooks with approval certificate.

Automatic door slides

Automatic mitre gates

Automatic mitre gates

Maintenance of Archimedes screw bearings

Maintenance of Archimedes screw bearings for a pumping station.

Maintenance of steel cables

Overhaul of reduction gearbox

Overhaul of pumps