Desmet Engineering

Ultrasonic cutting machine


Fully ultrasonic cutting line: both longitudinal and lateral cutting of 4.5 m wide tufted carpet.
On the cutting line, full-length rolls (4.5 m) of tufted carpet is cut into mats of e.g. 35 x 55 cm from. These mats are subsequently processed into doormats (anti-dirt mats).

The tufted carpet is unwound and drawn through a compensator. The compensator ensures that the line does not stop when a new roll needs to be put into the unwinding machine.
Twelve ultrasonic longitudinal cutting heads have been supplied, each one can be separately controlled. So eleven lengths can be cut.

After the longitudinal cutting process, the carpet can either be rewound, or it can be cut laterally, or a combination of winding and lateral cutting.
Immediately before the longitudinal cut, the carpet is aligned with a type ELGUIDER steering roller from Erhardt&Leimer.

Ultrasonic lateral cutting is done fully-automatically: a stacker pulls the carpet to the required length, the ultrasonic lateral cutting knife cuts and the stacker lays the mat on the correct pile. A scissor lift table drops one carpet thickness at a time, so that the stacker can keep laying at the same height and still create high piles.

Everything is operated from a 15 inch touchscreen. The manual operations can also be controlled per component on the machine itself.