Desmet Engineering

Continuous line


In order to pour the latex sheeting for the finishing layers of a mattress, a continuous line had already been built for Latexco Tielt, Latexco Spain (Zaragoza) and Latexco USA (Lavonia, Georgia). A continuous line consists of a pouring station above a casting belt, a vulcanising oven, a washing and press roller, a drying oven, longitudinal cutters and a lateral cutter with winding machine. The total length of the line is about 140 m, set up at two levels.

At Latexco USA there are two pouring stations so that thicker sheets can be poured. After the first pouring station there is a short vulcanising station, and a longer one after the second pouring station. Side belts have been installed which run over both ovens in order to define the width of the latex sheeting.

After the vulcanising oven, the latex sheeting goes through a washing and press roller while at the same time the thickness is measured. This measurement is used to adjust the pouring stations if necessary. The latex sheet then goes up a level, and through the drying oven. After drying, the sides are cut off using longitudinal cutters and the sheet is cut through the middle if required.

The latex sheet is replaced onto the conveyor belts and taken down a level so that the lateral cuts can be made and stacks or rolls can be made.

The line can be controlled from four locations, there are three control screens at the bottom and one at the top level. The control boxes are in a separate air conditioned space. This space contains a Siemens PLC S7 400. Communication takes place with the ASI system of Pepperl&Fuchs, the Siemens speed controls are driven with the Profibus. The emergency stop circuit is constructed with Pilz components.