Desmet Engineering

Collection station


To compile the sample books for Quick-step (R), an automatic collection station was built.
Fourteen types of small Quick-step (R) boards are fed into one end of the machine and fourteen at the other end. A conveyor belt runs between the two ends with 14 trays in all.

A servo-controlled bridge moves over the trays and picks up the boards using suction pads. The boards are laid on the conveyor belt. This is driven and the boards are stacked on a lift. Once the stack has been formed, it is fed out of the machine.

The control screen works with recipes, so that the different types of sample books can be selected.

The central PLC is a Siemens S7 ET200S island with an extra PLC island connected to Profinet on the bridge too. The speed control and servo control (Siemens) are controlled on Profinet. The pneumatic components are driven by a Festo valves manifold.