Desmet Engineering

Clicking machine


This machine clicks together Quick-step (R) laminate, thus forming a large 2 x 3 m panel. This panel is subsequently sawn into pieces of 60 x 60 cm or 100 x 100 cm, for showroom displays. This machine was installed in a sheltered workshop.
An operator clicks together the short edges of the Quick-step (R) laminate, thus forming one single laminated segment with a length of 3 m. The laminate segment is put onto a roller conveyor to align on one contact edge and then through to a conveyor belt. Immediately before the laminate enters the machine, the tongue is automatically glued.
In the machine, the laminate is pushed onto a table, this table is turned upwards at a particular angle. The next laminate then clicks automatically into the first one, because the table's angle corresponds with the 'click angle' of the Quick-step (R). Once an entire panel has been clicked together, the table moves down and the panel is laid on rollers. The rollers are driven and feed the panel out of the machine.
Different models of laminate can be selected in a menu on the touchscreen. The entire control is on Profinet using a Siemens PLC S7 ET200S. The Siemens speed and servo controls are controlled via Profinet. The Festo valves manifold is also controlled via Profinet from the PLC.