Some references in turning and milling

Pumping station

Archimedes screw

  • Maintenance and repair of bearings for an Archimedes screw in a pumping station

Cutting knives


  • Horn for ultrasonic cutting in tempered steel.

Ultrasonic cutting

Cutting knives

  • Cutting knives in tempered steel for ultrasonic cutting.

Sealing machine

Seal storage

  • Inox sealing material for the tobacco industry

Machine device


  • Polyamide wheel

Bearing housing

  • Bearing housing & bearing axle made in Inox or aluminium.



  • Aluminium keyed wheel

Machine device


  • Bronze plate as per customer's drawing.

High voltage

Assembly part

  • Aluminium assembly parts for the high voltage industry.

Machine devices

Hammer mill axles

  • Axles in high carbon steel for hammer mill.

Machine device

Turned piece

  • Turned piece in CK45 as per customer's drawing.