Project in the spotlight - sawing machine

2016-03-23 11.33.04

The challenge for our engineering team was in the design of a sawing machine that could saw large parent reels into two perfectly equally sized halves efficiently and without loss of material.


After all, the existing methodology with a band sawing machine often caused practical problems.

Our customer wanted an innovative durable solution. Desmet Engineering designed an automatic circular saw machine which makes the saw cut straighter and more aesthetic, so that there is less loss of material. Operation: A forklift reel lifter lays parent reels that are to be sawn onto a supply table. The roll is then automatically fed into the sawing machine. The roll is moved against a stop and then sawn to the set size. The two parts are then tilted out of the sawing machine onto a first roller conveyor. By means of two following roller conveyors, the parts can be tilted onto an outfeed table. All settings and controls are done on a touchscreen. Adjusting the saw position and the vertical movement of the saw blade is done with a servo motor with servo control. The saw motor itself has a power of 11 kW.